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Panama Bed and Breakfast, Dos Palmitos, located in the heart of Panama City

Dos Palmitos is a colonial style Panama bed and breakfast, only 10 minutes away from the business center of Panama City, Panama on the lower part of the luscious and very green Ancon Hill. Up to 1999 this privileged neighborhood was called the Canal zone.

Dos Palmitos Panama Bed and Breakfast is located right next to the Panama Canal, Albrook airport and shopping mall, but also near the international bus terminal. Tocumen International airport is a 25 minutes ride. The house itself was built in 1920 and served as a dwelling for US officials. At the time, Panamanians did not live in this area. This all changed when the Canal administration was handed over  to the Panamanian government in 1999. Now this part of Ancon is just a lovely green neighborhood with typical houses, beautiful gardens and waiving palm trees.

Part of the rain forest is still there and in the evening animals, like deer and agoutis leisurely walk the roads. Ancon hill is also home to hundreds of different species of birds; to be more precise around 950 different species! Dos Palmitos Panama Bed and Breakfast takes pleasure in receiving bird watchers from all over the world, who just enjoy sitting on the garden terrace with their binoculars!

A tropical breakfast is served on the terrace between 7.30 and 10.30am. Early travelers do not need to leave on an empty stomach as we will accommodate your needs with a fresh lunch bag. There is all day complimentary coffee and tea and use of a kitchen and terrace.

A walk to the top of the hill also gives people a stunning sight of Panama City and the famous Panama Canal. It is the beauty of this tranquil spot within bustling Panama City that makes Dos Palmitos Panama Bed and Breakfast truly unique!

Dos Palmitos Panama Bed and Breakfast works with taxis, chosen for their competence and trustworthiness. They secure the transfers between the international airport of  Tocumen and Dos Palmitos, as well as the city tours à la carte. We are here to ensure your visit is stress free and convenient in every way!

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